Parent/ Guardian Information

Useful information for parents / guardians and frequently asked questions

Many of the activites that the squadron organises for the cadets could not take place without support from a cadet's parents / guardians. To that end we encourage participation from parents and guardians as much as possible.

On this page you will find commonly asked questions about your son or daughter joining the squadron.

Q. What is the minimum age my son or daughter has to be before they can join?
A. Cadets can join the squadron from age 13, however certain activities do have age restrictions. For example a cadet must be 16 to complete a gliding scholarship.

Q. Is there any pressure for my son or daughter to join the armed forces?
A. No. The ATC recieves a lot of its funding from the RAF, however we are not a recruiting organisation. Despite this however a large number of cadets do choose to pursure this as a career path. Our organisation provides cadets with valuable experience that would benefit them in either a military or civilian career in their future.

Q. Is there a maximum age limit for joining?
A. Cadets usually leave on or near to their 18th birthday. Some cadets can stay up to their 20th birthday in certain circumstances. Once they get to age 20 they can then choose to become an adult member of staff or leave.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Initially there is no charge for a cadet until they are issued with their uniform. After this there is a small subscription charge, 79 Squadron currently charges £10 per month.

Q. Are there any additional costs, other than the subscription charges mentioned above?
A. Most cadet activities are free or are included in the subscription charges such as flying, gliding and shooting, Some additonal activities have extra costs such as camps which typically cost about £80 for a full week. This includes all food and activties.

Q. What nights does the squadron parade?
A. 79 Squadron parades on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 1930 until 2130 hours.

Q. Who supervises the cadets on parade night and during activities?
A. All of the adult members of staff in the ATC have enhanced CRB checks carried out before they are allowed to supervise cadets

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