What's Your Story?


Our cadets are given opportunities to partake in some pretty incredible activities as a Squadron and individually, but why don't you hear it from them...


"I have so many great achievements from cadets... I achieved the Doris Ankers award in 2011 for near perfect attendance when fighting illness and taking on serious responsibility when there was a temporary lack of staff... all the shooting qualifications I have gained, including gaining Regional Marksman status at RAF Aldergrove... and only recently I have achieved the Young Achiever of the Year award from our local town. "

"Where do I start?...one of the best experiences from cadets was my fieldcraft course; we spent the whole weekend crawling through mud and taking part in night exercises, it took ages to get the mud stains out of my uniform! Another great experience was taking part in the Lichfield Parade with the West Mercian Wing band... It was incredible! My best achievement was gaining Squadron, Wing and Regional Marksman status all on the same day on the .22 rifle."

"I always wanted to get to Corps level in hockey. I was so determined and finally, after five attempts, I finally got there. It was the greatest thing I have done and achieved in cadets."

"I was on camp at RAF Conningsby and we went to look around the Air Traffic Control tower. When we reached the top of the tower I spotted two Eurofighter Typhoons at the end of the runway in two-ship formation. They both took off at the same time, got to halfway down the runway and went vertical at the same time and just disappeared into the clouds. I could hear them still for about ten minutes and could only see the red glow of the afterburners in the clouds...it was incredible." 

There have been lots of amazing memories but there have been two occasions that I'll never forget. The first was the feeling of shock and pride when I was promoted - and probably my best achievement. The second is when I first went flying and the pilot took me to zero-G's and my hands began to float upwards. Being weightless was amazing!"

"My best memory was going on a power boat ride at the Pageant of Power, personally I found it absolutely amazing!"

"My first time shooting has to be the best memory I have from cadets. We went to DCAE Cosford and did our initial No.8 rifle training in the morning. After lunch we fired live rounds and it was amazing. But the best part was at the end when I was totally taken by surprise when I was presented with my Squadron marksman badge."

"The best memory I have from cadets is flying in a Puma at RAF Aldergrove." 

"My best memory in cadets has to be flying a plane for the first time ever! Also performing at Lichfield with the West Mercian Wing band! It was great to be part of such a huge event!" 

"My best memory is going flying for the first time. I got to do aerobatics which is absolutely fantastic! I even got to control a loop-the-loop! One of my other favourite memories is the first time I went on camp to RAF Halton where I did shooting for the first time."

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